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to protect american individuals in baghdad, and other locations, around iraq, and yet there seems to be an opening gap now between the rett are rick that they are using to vilify the islamic state group, in the wake of that twosome video, it is not a tough sell. and the stated and the means to get there. contrast that with what chuck said today, here is a sample. >> the president, the chairman and i are all very clear eyed about the challenges ahead. we are pursuing a lon term strategy against isil, because isil clearly poses a long term threat. >> we should expect isil to regroup, and stage new offenses. >> chuck hagel also saying that the islamic state group momentum i inside iraq has now stalled on account of the joint efforts of the forces, and of course, american air strikes. and the u.s. volment, he says is certainly not over. this as you pointed out. isis can't be routed. this was his words. >> what's going on here, are the officials making up the policie policies ary deliberately? >> i think the irony is is the president is winding down the longest war in american history,
and that is profitable to the american people. draw them out in afghanistan and iraq according to the president one being the good war and one being the bad war but both wars drained the american publics interest in foreign engagement. i get it. but if you know history, and read about it, when vacuums are created and the good guy and the greatest force for history in the world, united states of america today, goes back stage and leaves vladimer putin's fill that vacuum. that is not a big deal today unless you live in the ukraine or you are a saudi arabian or you live in israel or i can fill in the blanks. it is the anti cowboy and the world apology with the president beginning in the first six months, he went to apologize for american imperilism when american stands for a strategy. we don't conquer. sometimes it doesn't work out so well: vietnam. but we are not interested in conquering other people. and the president is apologizing for this american imperilism when the feminiirst thing they d is when are they comingome -- coming home. there is an entire chapter on obamacare in the book. obamacare is a b
states and for the bombing of iraq ended ended by saying that they would execute jim. but they never made a demand and they were merely making a statement at what had transpired. >> i just want to say that we did not give up hope even at that moment and we immediately communicated back to them and we appeal to them for mercy and said again that jim was an innocent reporter and cared deeply for the people and we asked them to show mercy. but unfortunately they showed none. david: clearly it fell on deaf ears. just remembering james through your memory if you can do it. the bravery that he showed, everyone's talking about their parents and they are very brave. but the bravery, he knew that he was going to be killed or at least he had a very strong suspicion and clearly they had reversed part of it. he had been released before, described his courage for us. >> he was an incredibly brave young man and he was so devoted to his job of being a contract reporter and when he came back to boston and we hugged and we encouraged him to stay and work with us full-time before going back in the field an
interest we have whether it's in iraq or anywhere else. isil is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. >> but do these leaks of secret u.s. military actions endanger future missions targeting isis. colonel peters, why -- well, first up, i want to ask you, what did you make of the briefing today? >> it kind of reminded me of stallenist brew bureau cats. it's so clear, the administration disgracefully and we need to talk about it, released the details of this raid unnecessarily except to the degree that it provided some fiction of political cover for the administration where they could say oh, we were trying to rescue the hostages, it wasn't our fault that anybody got their head cut off. and you just don't do it. the only real take away, apart from the craven behavior in that news conference, was that we still have nothing that remotely resem bls a strategy. we're dealing with little tactical attacks, which are nice, they help out the local problems. but this -- i mean these guys even said, they have finally woken up to the fact, as the factor has been arguing fo
to be relentless to the militant who is invaded iraq and beheaded an american journalist. the cia failed to see the threat from isis. >> the first thing that we have to evaluate is why our intelligence on the ground. why the cia was not well positioned to recognize how swift they could move into iraq and take over the northern part of the country. i think they were underestimated in terms of their capability, their training and the money they had acquired. >> she says it iraqi army has to step up and u.s. officials say isis may have a 17,000 men army and enough weapons for a 200,000 man army. >>> appeal a court ruling about the death penalty. california's death penalty took too long and was difficult to impose. more than 900 people have been sentenced to death in california. only 13 have been executed. harris says it court's decision is flawed and undermines protection for defendants. the state stopped execution in 2006 after a similar ruling by a judge in san jose. >>> a bill to require a billionaire in half-moon bay is heading to the governor's desk. they passed an amended version. it require
in retaliation for u.s. air strikes in iraq. u.s. policy prohibits governments from negotiating with terrorists and argue it only encourages more kidnappings. our coverage continues at 5:30 on nightly news with brian williams. a man held captive with foley is talking about their ordeal. >>> we're learning more tonight about the death of robin williams. his ashes were scattered in the san francisco bay the day after his death. that information is on the official death certificate issued by the state of california. the remains were scattered on the waters off the coast of his beloved marin county. the certificate also says the cause of death is pending investigation, although the sheriff's department has confirmed that robin williams took his own life. as a reminder now, on monday, billy crystal will pay tribute to williams during the emmy awards. you can watch the show live here on nbc bay area. it begins at 5:00. seth meyers is the host. we will reair the entire emmy broadcast at 8:00. >>> police are hoping this video will lead to the person responsible for the deadly attack of a san francisco
the drought. >> pam: then. >> pam: we are learning more about killed in iraq. and the ransom request that was made by his terrorist captors. female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> pam: the 49ers as much as said the break-in period for dollar levi's stadium is a work in progress but no one was expecting this. >> pam: take a look. an aerial view of the stadium from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows the vaunted new field all but gone early today. the team has not >> pam: disclosed exactly what the problem is but much of the sod covering the playing field is apparently going to be replaced. >> pam: the actio
air strikes in iraq. >>> man from central california is the latest person to contract west nile virus and become ill. the 20-year-old thinks he got it from a mosquito bite while fishing on the river. he went to the hospital three times before doctors figured out he had west nile virus. by then he was so sick he was in the hospital for 9 days. and he also says she lucky to -- he is lucky to be alive. >> it is frustrating a mosquito could do this much damage oo someone -- to someone. . >> west nile virus can effect anyone at any age. 5 human cases have been reported in the bay area. >>> new information after a 2- year-old was killed in a hit and run. her aunt appeared in court for the first time since being arrest. what she pleaded pleaded for the judge to do. >> the one thing people lost most at sfo and the strangers titems -- items they found. >> the special resources b.a.r.t. is doing to get tough on thieves and where your vehicle is most likely to be a target. >>> complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> new developments in the
-line reporter. this is some of the footage he shot. he'd worked in libya, iraq and syria. he captured wasn't just the heat of battle, but those humanity as often run through the most hostile of environments. children anden and makeshift bomb shelters. james foley was taken by held for syria and almost two years. ransom,ures demanded a sending an angry email last week saying he'd be killed unless were paid $18 million pounds. these prisoners were released after a ransom was made. american, it was more targeted by the kidnappers. of scapegoat.nd many countries do negotiate. what do they negotiate, i don't know. i don't know if it is money. i don't know if it is prisoner exchange and some countries like america that also like the u.k. do not negotiate. month, president obama ordered troops like these to try to rescue james foley and other hostages. sources say the commandos attacked an oil facility held by islamic state inside syria but the intelligence was flawed hostages weren't there. >> was this a failure of intelligence? no. is, as you all know, intelligence doesn't come a package with a
stepping up the air strikes in iraq and even possibly conducting air strikes across the border inside syria, but they say all of this is just being discussed, it is just an idea, no discussiecisions have made. >> we're learning more tonight about isis, the terror group that beheaded american journalist james foley. apparently the group demanded 100 million euros. that's $132 million in ransom. demands that were not taken seriously. his boss was the one who received e-mails from isis. thank you very much for talking about this. i know for a long time this is something that you were enduring alone along with james' family as you tried to secure his release and save his life. i know you've also been in contact with the loved ones of those still missing, the sotloff family who is hoping that their loved one, their son, will survive. what can you tell us about the americans who are still there? how many of them are there, to your knowledge? it sounds like we have an audio issue with phil. i don't think he can hear me. no, he can't hear me. so we're going to be working on that. sorry. all right.
are now fighting with the islamic state. >> we know for a fact, in syria, in iraq, more european are on the ground, we capture, we see, we see videos. and twitters, we know for a fact there are european who are jihadists, others said before this is a gee addist tourist -- jihadist tourist destination, we need to fight that. lou: islamic state, isil, claiming to have fighters from u.k. from france, and germany, other european countries as well as the united states, arab world, joining us now former u.s. ambassador to iraq john negroponte, he was also first director of u.s. national intelligence, serving under president george w. bush. ambassador, let's go straight to the islamic state of iraq and the l. >> we're told today by defense secretary ma hagel, chairman of joint chiefs of staff, that this is a threat we have never seen before. do you agree with that? is this threat so om news, and different -- ominous and different? >> the way i would interpret what secretary hagel said, and president's actions of late to be a recognition, that we really do have a serious international te
coalition. i still don't think he understands the internal political situation in iraq or iran's influence there. it's just completely disconnected from the reality that is evolving minute by minute on the ground. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> tonight, we have new information about the failed mission to rescue american hostages held in syria. jennifer griffin life at the white house with the latest. jennifer. >> greta, defense secretary chuck hagel told reporters at the pentagon he regretted the mission to rescue foley did not succeed, adding isis is a sophisticated and well funded as any terrorist the united states has ever seen. unusually strong words from the secretary of defense. he warned americans, to quote, get ready, without specifying what that meant. chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey said air strikes alone will not destroy isis and suggested action needed to be taken against isis targets in syria, though not necessarily he said by the united states. in terms of the failed rescue mission, u.s. military sources tell me the special operations tea
and kill alongside those from the mideast region, syria, iraq and other countries who comprised a great number of isis zealots. one killer from the west is heard in the moment before he cut it is throat of american journalist james foley. we are going to play only a short poergs of the video to hear his british accent. >> this is james wright foley, an american citizen of your country. >> nobody who does that has loyalty to any land or value beyond the islamist for which he has a ready hand in atrocity. the man is thought to be the ring leader, referred to as the beetles who guarded many foreign hostages. according to the guardian he nicknamed himself john after john lennon. that person said the three british islamists were abusive, frequently beating prisoners. the challenge to the united states, how to deal with the building threat. do we treat isis as a criminal enterprise and look for individuals like are j. edgar hoover went looking for communists or do we use secretary kerry's word and crush the motley crew of them. is this a man hunt or war? bobby gosh is here from quartz. thanks
armies in syria and iraq already knew, isis is a force to be reckoned with. >> they're beyond just a terrorist group. they marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. >> reporter: and they force the pentagon to react. >> oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. and the only way you do that is you take a cold steely hard look at it and get ready. >> reporter: it's not just on the battlefield, the isis pr machine is sophisticated. its technology up-to-date. videos to instill fear, a tweet taunting the president with a photo of an isis flag in the shadow of the white house. and most recently the video of james foley's execution on youtube prompting fear that fol foley's death is only the beginning. >> i don't think we've seen a significant threat to american security since the early days of 9/11. >> reporter: increasing -- the president developed a defiant tone. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. >> reporter: but after those remarks mr. obama went back to bal
to continue these air strikes. and they have really been pounding the i.s.i.s. targets in iraq. they've pounded about 100 targets since these air strikes began. but they said today at the pentagon, they are sure i.s.i.s. will regroup. and chuck hagel, the secretary of defense, had some really alarming language, calling i.s.i.s., an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it's in iraq or anywhere else. >> what about that phrase, imminent threat? does that mean a target here in the homeland, in the united states? >> i don't think he meant that. i think he meant the region. but eventually, they could threaten the homeland. i would not rule out air strikes in syria. >> in syria. martha raddatz, brian ross, following this story every hour. thank you so much. and good to have you with us in new york tonight. >>> back here at home, to ferguson, missouri, and the sign of chaos after michael brown's death may be subsiding. the governor requested for a systemic withdrawal of the national guard. the mood was calmer and the crowds were smaller. >>> tonight, there's new questions about
happened in 200tix at the time a u.s. bombing mission killed al-zarqawi, the leader of al qaeda in iraq. that was successful only because the u.s. had robust intelligence on the ground and thousands of troops also on the ground able to exploit daily intelligence leads. right now, frankly, we frankly, we don't have anything close to that in syria, bob. there is limited intelligence being collected on the ground there. >> schieffer: u.s. military forces continued air strikes today against isis targets in iraq, befight the threat from the terrorists to kill another american journalists. and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said today defeating isis will require attacks against forces in syria as well, together to not allow the agitators and that criminal element to define the protests and i think what you saw last night the evil that has brought themselves into this process, were not able to hide. >> reporter: i want to go to attorney general holder. do you feel that his visit may have also contributed to the calm that we saw last night the relative calm? >> yes i do. and i thanke
in northern iraq. plus, in atlanta. >> today is a mir reclose day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reyou nateed with my family. >> american doctor and aid worker who were infected in africa with ebola have now released. doctors say they pose no risk are to public health. in ferguson missouri it's now been 48 hours with no fires no shooting and no tier gas, city and federal leaders believe the calm will continue, we will explain why. continue attacking islamic state fighters. the pentagon saying it conducted six air strikes to help kurdish forces in the north, those forces are trying to bolster their control of the dam, the largest in the country. u.s. and eyewitness news orackky officials have long feared for they blow up the dam, the resulting flood waters to the south would kill hundreds of thousands of people, including baghdad. publish add video showing the beheading of journalist foley. today obama administration officials declared that the threat goes far beyond iraq and syria. all the developments on this story from washington, and this afternoon, deft secretary s
to radicalize and recruit individuals, just look in syria and iraq. you have a surge, 13,000 foreign fighters joining the ranks of jihadist organizations. these are not small numbers, but big numbers. obviously when you talk about foreign fighters, at least 3000 of which are westerners, that adds all whole new level of concern to our homeland and to the changing threat environment. these individuals are familiar with the country, speak the language, know the culture, and know everything about us. at some point many of these people return. that is something perhaps we do not feel the full effect of what it means right now, but two or three years from now i think you will see it manifest in very new and dangerous sorts of ways. if you were to look at the threat environment right now and try to understand the terrorism environment, it does come in various shapes, sizes, and forms, ranging from al qaeda senior leadership is still in business. how effective are they? i think that is the wrong set of questions, because i think what you are starting to see is conflation is many of the organizations
. >> reporter: the marvged executioner was british. iraq's ambassador to the u.s. said he's one of 1,000 european ju hadists fighting with isis in iraq and syria. >> they are jihadists. others said before, this is a jihadist destination. >> reporter: european governments allegedly paid large ransoms for other hostages who were released this spring. those hostages gave u.s. intelligence leads about where foley and the others were being held in eastern syria. foley's employer said isis asked for 100 million euros, or $132 million in exchange for foley. the u.s. refused to pay. ultimately the company paid private security firms millions in an attempt to find him. >> we had all of the appropriate communication you can imagine. but we hoped that they would listen. the situation changed when the bombing began. >> reporter: the u.s. carried out another six air strikes against isis targets in iraq today, according to u.s. central command. there are at least three more americans being held by isis right now, chris. >> jennifer, there was some other news at the pentagon today. what can you tel
, from iraq, from cambodia, australia, u.k. >> woodruff: this video-- released by the group in june-- shows militants identifying themselves as british, urging westerners to join them, and saying "the cure for depression is jihad". the video was removed from you tube shortly after its release. for more on the attempted rescue of james foley we turn to karen deyoung of "the washington post". karen, welcome back to the "newshour". first of all, what more is known about this rescue attempt? >> well, i don't think we got a lot more details today. i think, as we reported this morning, there were at least two blackhawk helicopters on the ground. they discovered very quickly that the hostages weren't there. there was a firefighting in which some of the islamic state fighters were killed. one u.s. soldier was wounded, not seriously, before they took off. they were not on the ground very long. >> woodruff: and we just heard defense secretary hagel say it was not a failure of intelligence that explains the fact that this didn't work out. why do they believe it didn't work? >> well, i think th
the crisis in iraq. defense secretary chuck hagle says he expects militant group isis do regroup for new attacks. he said just a short timing a u.s. air strikes have helped iraqi forces regain their footing. the us launch adeflor receive strikes yesterday after the militant group isis released a video taped execution of captured american journalist james foley. officials here now admit the group had demanded a ransom for foley last year. his captors wanted more than $130 million. the u.s. of course has a long-standing policy against paying ransoms. a secret mission to rescue him failed last month. attorney general eric holder says the justice department is launching a criminal investigation into his death. >> after a night of relative calm my sorrow's governor is ordering the national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. since an officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown almost two weeks ago the nights have brought continual protests and often violence. brown was not armed. but police say he attacked the officer. a grand jury is now determining if charges will be filed again
five years. membersp on abc 7 news, of the national guard deployed as the situation intensifies in iraq. >> and the heat and humidity added up to feel like august today. doug will tell us if more showers will top it off. >> the redskins prepare for the matchup with the ravens. i've got the latest on tony stewart and the nationals on a cozy afternoon in the ballpark. i will take you downtown. forhe departure ceremony the military police company at the armory today. 35 members of the national guard unit are going to kuwait as part of operation enduring freedom. half of them have been deployed before. out ase mp's are heading the crisis in iraq intensifies. >> rebecca cooper has more. >> the pentagon says a series of heavy u.s. airstrikes has consolidated the iraq he and kurdish forces once held by isis forces. sector defense chuck hagel says represents a great threat to national security. as airstrikes continued today, chuck hagel insists the attack are working but says he and president obama are very clear poses.he threat isil >> we are pursuing the long-term poses a because isil long-te
the hospital today. the obama administration has launched new airstrikes on islamic state militants in iraq. the strikes came after the islamic state released a video of the beheading of american journalist james foley and threatened to kill another u.s. journalist if the airstrikes don't stop. on wednesday, obama vowed to continue the fight against the militants, who are also known as isil. talks united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what is necessary to see that justice is isil,nd we act against standing alongside others. >> obama administration officials have revealed u.s. special operations forces tried and failed to free james foley and other hostages during a secret raid early -- earlier in syria this summer. the team of commandos battled islamic state militants, but did not find any hostages. it is the first confirmed use of u.s. ground troops in syria since the civil war began. "the new york times" reports the u.s. also refused to pay a multimillion dollar ran
back islamic state advances in northern iraq. plus, in atlanta. >> today is a mir reclose day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to
islamic state militants in iraq despite threats from the group to kill a second american captive. u.s. fighters and drones provided air force is to kurdish and iraqi forces. tuesday, a video showing the beheading of journalist james foley was posted online. the militants threatened to kill another american reporter. the u.s. attorney general said the criminal investigation into fully's -- into james foley's death will begin. tributes have been flooding in from around the world. of james foleyg has prompted widespread horror. among the reactions, a former print cost -- a former french hostage that was held with james fully in syria. determined to stay optimistic, to keep his spirits and ours up. >> the united states says a andue mission to save foley other hostages this summer failed. that disclosure is the first time u.s. has revealed its troops have been fighting isis on the ground. barack obama urged a united effort against islamic extremism. >> the governments and peoples across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. a clear
. scott workwear a long term investigation into the way he serves as northern iraq, as he is trying to run for re-election, which will determine whether he has legs as a national candidate, or not. >> we have history, we have hutchison who is indicted by the unit, early on in her political career, that indictment was dropped on the courthouse steps on the day of trial. and not only did it not hurt, she had a long career in the u.s. senate here, so people have survived these charges. here i think the smart political move, is the smart legal omove, the same thing, and that's get to trial oand get to trial. >> we'll be back with more inside story after a short break, politicians in the dock, this time on the program,s when elected officials are charged they often dismiss their legal problems as political vendetta, if they aren't going to appeal what's the alternative to these prosecutions? stay with us. inside story on alg jazeera america. this week, we have the arraignment of rick perry, ^t most prominent governor in america. in one of the largest states in the country, and we can can see th
simply refuse to pay. stay tuned. defense secretary chuck hagel says u.s. airstrikes have helped iraq he and kurdish forces regain their footing in iraq, but he expects islamic militants will recruit and stage a new offensive. general martin dempsey says it is possible to contain the militants, but he says it can't be done permanently without going after the group in syria. finally, both u.s. health workers who were infected with ebola in liberia have been released from emory university hospital in atlanta after fighting off the potentially deadly virus. one of the victims can't brand play called it a miraculous day. he said he is thrilled to be a live and be reunited with his family. >> thanks very much, su keenan. automation, efficiency, accuracy. information technology infrastructures are run by automatic learning technology rather than by people. the idea comes from the founder and chief executive of ip soft. he joins me now. thank you for being here. give us an example of how learning technology can be applied to the world of business process outsourcing. >> that is very insightful.
? thousands of miles away from iraq or syria where there are strongholds currently are. alarming words from defense secretary chuck hagel. have a listen to what he had to say. >> this is beyond anything that we've seen. we must prepare for everything. and the only way you do that is you take a cold steely hard look at it and get ready. >> and get ready. get ready for what? you know, he was asked, could they stage a 9/11 type attack. the concern that u.s. officials have of course, is that american who have gone to syria or iraq to fight with isis have passports they can possibly get back into the country. we know u.s. law enforcement already keeping their eye on several americans. there have been some arrests they believe have isis affiliations or isis type loyalties. the question, of course, is could they really carry off this type of attack. right now, the question perhaps for the pentagon more centrally is what are they going to do about isis in iraq and syria before they grab more territory, more power across the middle east. u.s. air strikes in iraq certainly going to continue. the door
a number of americans, i would not be surprised. >> there's no question but what the developments in iraq and syria, the development of a caliphate with the isis organization in charge, is very much a threat to the united states, when you see them behead an american reporter, as they did today. that's obviously a terrible development. but magnify that a million times over, because that's what's in store for the rest of the world if we don't deal effectively with this crisis. >> is this hyperbole or is this right on the money? >> let's talk about mike morell in particular. he worked in the bush administration. but he was a cia director for obama. he is sounding the alarm because he was in a position to know, and a position to worry. he's in a position of responsibility and leadership. i think they're trying to sound the alarm to say, we take this to seriously. in fact, a couple of hours ago, secretary of defense chuck hagel was on television doing a briefing, and he said that isis is a threat unlike the world has ever seen before. so that then begs the question, what then are we going to d
papantonio. coming up, what the murder of james foley means for u.s. operations in iraq and first, new developments out of ferguson. we will talk to st. louis alderman antonio french. keep it here. we're right back. rom anything? or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] during the cadillac summer's best event, lease this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. hurry in -- this exceptional offer ends soon. ♪ hurry in -- this exceptional offer ends soon. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner. our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add. >> each night i've seen a turning point
with john clark at 6:00. >>> air heir strikes continue in iraq against the militant group isis, despite the group's process to kill another kidnapped american journalist if the bombing doesn't end. nbc 10 national correspondent, chris pollone, has details tonight on what the terrorist group wanted in addition to the end of the u.s. air strikes. >> reporter: journalist james foley's employer says his fate became apparent whip when strikes gap in iraq. the ceo says isis sent an angry e-mail to foley's family last week, promising to kill him. >> just a statement that they were going to execute. >> reporter: but not all isis wanted. captorses demanded a ransom of more than $130 million. the u.s. does not pay to win the release of its kidnapped steps but some european countries do. >> when they pay these ransoms are funding people taking others hostage and killing scores of people. >> reporter: isis threatened to kill another host am, "time" magazine journalist, steven sotloff, if u.s. air strikes don't stop. wednesday, the white house revealed special forces trying to rescue foley and other
. >> to the crisis in iraq right now. defense secretary chuck haag gel expects isis to regroup for a new attack. he's just wrapped up a news conference and says u.s. air strikes have helped iraqi forces regain their footing. the u.s. launched a flurry of strikes yesterday after the militant group isis released a video taped execution of captured american journalist james foley. officials here now admit the group had demanded a ransom for foley last year. his captors wanted more than $130 million. the us has a long standing policy against paying ra ransom. a secret mission to rescue him to failed last month. attorney general eric holder says the justice department is now launching a criminal investigation into his death. >> new controversy in ferguson missouri a police officer is caught on video threatening to kill protesters. we want to warn you some of the language is pretty rough. >> video shows st. louis lieutenant ray labors pointing semi-automatic assignment rival at some members of the media and peaceful protesters. it happened just before midnig midnight. the town has seen nightly violent pr
obama promised justice for foley they launch strikes against isis targets in northern iraq. >> the united states of america will do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and relentless. >> there's growing concern in the intelligence community isis may attempt attacks in the u.s. >> over the long-term i worry this group could present a 9/11 style threat. >> mike morell says directly targeting the group's leadership maybe the best way to address the threat. craig boswell, cbs new, the white house. >>> weighing the request for 300 troops to protect u.s. personnel and facilities in and around baghdad. >>> he says he was in charge of the finances. so then why did bob mcdonald not have his wife return that 50,000-dollar loan to johnny williams? i'm peggy fox, coming up i'll tell you what he said on the stand. >>> 75 years ago today a protest at this library the lunch counter sit ins of the civil rights era and the struggles in ferguson today. >>> but mayor jania paraded in the corruption trial against mcdonald. >> in da
with them. the u.s. continues to bomb their positions in northern iraq. >> james foley's killer, tell us more about what we know and what authorities are doing to track him down. >> basically, there are two lines of investigation. one is the close analysis of the video, the so-called execution video. investigators will be looking at voice analysis, they will be looking at where the video was shot, the quality of it. the detail that might give them clues about who the person in the video might be and who is behind this killing. british intelligence might have some idea about who this person is. they're speaking to some of the former hostages who were held alongside james foley and other journalists that have been killed. they were able to provide some quite vital information. this is a man who hails from london. a long investigation going into this inquiry. >> how concerned is it about britain's fighting alongside of chi hotties? are we talking about hundreds? >> it is turning out to be a major issue for the british government. there could be as many as four or 500 british chi hotties fig
a multimillion dollars ransome, meanwhile air strikes continue in iraq to try to decimate lambic state fighters. plus, in atlanta. >> today is a mir reclose today, i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family. >> the american doctor and aid worker who were infected with el bo la have now been released and pose no risk to public health. and in ferguson missouri it's been another four hours with no fires no shootings and no tier gas. federal leaders are increasingly confident the calm will continue, we will explain why. the pentagon says summit aircraft conducted six air strikes to help iraqi and kurdish forces in the north. and forces are trying to bolster their control of the dam, the largest in the country, u.s. and iraqi can officials have long fears that if rebel forces plow up the dam, the results floodwaters would kill hundreds of thousands of people in cities including baghdad. earlier this week, when islamic state must be lished a video of beheadingly. beheading today we learns that foley's captors offered to release him in exchange for hundreds of millions of
problem. >> kevin? >> sir, can you address the charges of mission creep of iraq going beyond helping humanitarian, beyond protecting americans to directly going after isil whether through the iraqis or not? does the pentagon believe it has the authority, have you talked to the general council for what you're doing now or do you need any additional type of authority going forward for what you would like to be able to do? >> well, to start with, the president's been very clear on mission creep, and he's made it very clear that he will not allow that. this is why he's been very clear on what our mission is. we comply with the war powers act. and inform congress how many people we have. of course, we will consult with our council all of the time on do we have the domestic authority, do we have the international authority on all actions. as we do on everything we do. but again, i refer you back to the president's comments on mission creep. this is not about mission creep. tony? >> i want to ask you to prepare directly to the american public, should the american public be steeled f
problem. >> the charges of mission creep in iraq, going beyond humanitarian and protecting -- does the pentagon believe it has the authority -- have you talked to the general consul? do you need any additional authority going forward? the president has been very clear on mission creep. thats made it very clear he will not allow that. he has been very clear on what our mission is. we comply with the war powers have. how many people we consult with our do wel all the time on have the domestic authority, do we have the international authority on all actions? as we do on everything we do. i refer you back to the president's comments on mission creep. this is not about mission creep. public bethe american steeled for another long, hard slog against isis? in july, you painted them as an imminent read. not even george bush when he was hyping the war in iraq all the saddam hussein and imminent threat. he called him grave and gathering. you talk about defeating isil over time. should the public the prepared for another long, hard slog fighting al qaeda in the fight .o eliminate isil >> as f
problem. kevin? >> sir, can you address the charges of the mission creep of iraq, going beyond proteblgtict americans and going directly after isl. i talked to the general counsel, what are you doing now or do you need different type of authority going forward for what you would like? >> well, to start with, the president has been very clear on mission creek. and he's made it very clear that he will not allow that. this is why he's very clear on what our mission is. we can find where the war power is at and let congress know how many people we have. and of course we consult with our counsel all the time on do we have the domestic authority, do we have the international authority on all actions as we do on everything we do, but again, i refer you back to the president's comments on mission creed. this is not about mission creed. >> reporter: as you talk to the american public, should the american public be sealed for another long-hard slaught against isis? mr. secretary, not even george bush when he was hyping the war in iraq called saddam hussein an imminent threat, he called h
>> he is absolutely part of the problem. >> kevin? >> secretary, the charters of iraq, going beyond helping humanitarian and beyond protecting americans and directly going after isil through the iraqis or not, does the pentagon believe it has the authority and have you talked to the general counsel or do you need additional or different type of authority going forward? >> to start with, the president's been very clear on the mission, and he's made it very clear that he will not allow that and this is why he's been very clear on what our mission is. we comply with the war powers act and in foreign congress on how many people we have. of course, we consult with our counsel all of the time. do we have the domestic authority and do we have the international authority on all actions and as we do on everything we do. again, i'll bring you back to the president's comments on mission creep. this is not about mission creep. >> we want you to talk directly to the american public. should the american public be steeled for another long, hard slog against isis? mr. secretary in july you painted
the militants in northern iraq. the strikes damaged several humvies and road side bombs. >> governor nixon ordered the national guard to withdraw from ferguson. violence sparked by a controversial police shooting has subsided but the investigations into the death of 18-year-old michael brown are far from over. leanne gregg is live in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: the governor says the withdrawal of the military will be systematic and coordinated with the highway patrol. protesters in the community say there are still many unresolved issues. signs of de-escalation in ferguson, missouri. calm demonstrations. only a few arrests compared with dozens earlier. the missouri governor says it is safe to withdraw the national guard sent to protect the law enforcement command center after demonstrations in the past two weeks often turned violent with gun fire, tear gas. >> i hope the calm we witnessed can be enduring. >> reporter: moving away from violence but protesters demanding to be heard. >> our citizens of missouri are outraged at what has taken place. >> reporter: a citizen's coalitio
, obviously, include a special group that are veterans of our wars in iraq and afghanistan. we also have statements for the record from the following individuals and groups, and they will be entered into the record. the fleet reserve association, the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, the american legion, the veterans of foreign wars, the national military family association and lieutenant colonel michael parker, usa retired, who's a wounded war advocate. we are now going to start with generality hellly. general tilelli. and by the way, this is a reunion of a sort, and we want to tell you that we're delighted to see you all here, and we, of course, very much treasure the relationships which have been established between this committee and all of you and treasure the service which you have performed for our country. we thank you. general the city hellly. >> chairman eleven, senator inhofe, members of the armed services committee, thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today. i've also submitted a statement for the record, but it's an honor for me to speak today to you o
to 300 military advisers that were authorized to go into iraq, remember, not syria. but that was only days before this operation happened. so the official is saying this wasn't directly, solely related to the intel gathered by those advisers, but that was a part of it. so they do have multiple streams, but they point out those streams of intelligence are difficult at best and also conflicting. i also found one other point that was extremely interesting, was that officials say they know the number of hostages that they're dealing with here in the cluster. and that one other, at least, including steven sotloff, is thought to be american. brooke? >> okay. i was -- wondered if there was a precise number on it, mentioning just other hostages, potential future rescues, also talking about the potential for future brutality with bob. because we know isis is threatening now to kill this other american hostage, steven sotloff. and i don't know if the government would ever tell us exactly how many people they believe to have hostage. but we're talking potentially, what do you think, several othe
. they said the executioner in the video speaks with a south london accent. here's iraq's ambassador to the united states. >> we know for a fact that in syria and in iraq, more europeans are on the ground. we capture, we see, we see the videos and everything else. so we know for a fact that there are european passport holders who are jihadists. as i said before, this is a -- this is a tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> reporter: there are at least three more americans being held by isis right now, harris. >> well, you know, that numb $132 million in ransom for foley, why that number? >> well, the head of global post news where foley worked said the isis captors were demanding more than $100 million. $132 million in exchange for foley. he said they hired private firms to locate him and executives paid millions to bring him home. >> we had all of the appropriate communication you would imagine. but we hope that they would listen. but obviously, the situation changed when the bombing began. >> reporter: foley's employer said there's evidence the european government paid subs
iraq. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. >> reporter: craig boswell cbs news, the white house. >> and there's now growing concern that isis may attack the u.s. >>> video is surfacing showing the events just before the moments a st. louis police officer kills a man in a confrontation. police say the man went toward them with a knife after he was caught allegedly stealing from a convenience store. the st. louis police chief says the officers acted approach thely. the shooting is fueling controversy about police use of force. in ferguson, missouri after days of sometimes violent protests, it was a night of relative calm wednesday. police say they arrested 6 people, down from 47 the night before. nearly everyone who marched to protest the shooting death of michael brown did so peacefully. but tonight could be a much different scene. protestors are planning "a day of rage" this evening with demonstrations outside the white house and in at least 40 other cities. cbs reporter susan mcginn
cash and an end to u.s. air strikes in northern iraq. but in an effort to show that the u.s. does not vow to terrorists, six u.s. strikes took out six multiple strikes just this morning. a top secret military attempt to free the americans last month failed. it happened in eastern syria and it was based on human intel, not satellite images or intercepted phone calls. u.s. special forces came under heavy fire only to determine that the hostages have already been moved. this is the first time that we know of that the u.s. has boots on the ground inside the syrian conflict. the white house is looking for justice for journalist james foley who was beheaded by isis. we're going to play just a few seconds of the video so you can get a taste of what intel officers are using to learn more about the man who killed him. take a listen. >> this is james foley, an american citizen of your country. >> you can clearly hear his british accent in that video. experts are scrambling to analyze the video to determine if this is one of the 400 brits that have gone to syria or, worse, a former gitmo det
that the fighters have committed genocide against the azidi in iraq. hundreds have been rounded up and shot deadne dead near sinja. >> when the gunmen came to the village last friday, they ordered all of the men to the schoolyard. he's the only one of his immediate family to survive. these men are also from kocho. each from the only remaining members of their families. >> they put is in the back of two vehicles. 12 or 13 of us in each. we were taken behind the village where we could see the bodies shot before us. they lined us up and i managed to run away. they shot me and i was hit in my leg. >> saad's uncle said that in the town of 1800, only 200 survived. he also survived the massacre. he's just 13, and the only surviving member of his family. >> five of my brothers were killed. and i saw my father killed. when i saw all of the armed people shooting, i hid under a pile of bodies and pretended i was dead. >> everyone here has been touched by tragedy. they're all from sinjar. almost everyone was on sinjar mountain. they walked down into syria and back into iraq again. but their journey isn't over
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